Sea Food Chowder Served with White Rice

Sea Food Chowder Served with White Rice Ingredients ½lb fish fillet ½lb shrimp ½lb conch 1 chopped carrot 1 chopped zucchini ¼lb choppedcauliflower ¼lb chopped broccoli ¼Lb chopped cho cho 1lb rice 1 litre milk ½C. butter Corn Starch (1 pot spoon approx.) Directions Wash and cook rice until it is fluffy. Combine veggies and boil until they … More Sea Food Chowder Served with White Rice

Pan Seared Tilapia

Pan Seared Tilapia with Cucumber Relish and Spicy Yogurt Sauce Ingredients 4 Six ounce Snapper Fillets Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to Taste 2 Tsp Olive Oil 1 Cup Corn Starch In a large sauté pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Lightly coat the skin side of each snapper fillet with corn starch … More Pan Seared Tilapia


Tapau served with White Rice , Fried Fish and Conch INGREDIENTS 1 Grated Coconut 2 Lbs Fish 1lb Coconut 1lb White Rice (Cooked) 1 tsp. Salt ½ tsp. Black Pepper 1 Tblsp. Malher ½ tsp. Malher 3 Basil leaves Method Clean both conch and fish, and season with salt and black pepper. Let it marinate. … More Tapau

Pan Fried Cobia

Ingredients 1 Cup Callaloo 1 Cup Spinach ½ lb Coco ½ Lb Sweet Potato 1 Ripe Plantain 1lb Yam 1 lb Cobia Fish Fillet 1 Cup Coconut Milk 8 Okra 1 Tblsp. Jerk Seasoning ½ Cup Tomato Sauce 2 Oz. Onion 2 Oz. Diced Sweet Pepper 1 Tsp. Salt 1 Tsp. Pepper Method Wash coco, … More Pan Fried Cobia