Belikin Beer Garden

Radisson teams up with Bowen & Bowen every few months to pull off a Belikin Beer Garden. This is not just any happy hour; it is a major event that takes up the entire poolside, Colonial Deck, and, Radisson’s Garden. The next Belikin Beer Garden is on Friday, November 11, 2016, from 5-10pm.

The event features Belikin and other Bowen & Bowen products. Belikin Beer buckets will sell for 7 for $20, and Guinness Buckets will be 5 for $20. Free prizes will be given for every bucket purchased. Music will be provided by popular DJ’s, DJ Jago and DJ Mike. As usual, we will have appetizers available for sale as we have a Boca Menu specifically designed for events such as these. Patrons may also choose to order from any of the Radisson’s menus, and one of our chefs will be whipping up a Friday night special in the dining room if you feel for a heartier meal.

We are excited to bring you another Belikin Beer Garden. Here are some pictures from previous Beer Gardens held this year. We hope you will join us on the new deck at the Radisson for the final Beer Garden of the year.

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