Green World Award 2016

The Radisson Fort George Hotel has been very dedicated to implementing environmentally safe practices within our work places. Ms. Patricia Lamb has headed our ‘Green Team’ for years now, and has actively and diligently worked to not only put green systems in place, but also in maintaining and adjusting to fit our particular location and logistics.

Our environmentally safe practices affect every area of the Radisson Fort George hotel, from maintenance to our restaurants. Coffee grounds from our different outlets are sourced out to local entrepreneurs. Empty wine and spirits bottles are sent to our recycling center for purchase by the community at large. We have set in place energy saving measures that govern the use of our computers in all our offices. Water filtration systems are located in different spots around our hotel for guests and visitors to refill their water bottles; this recycles plastic bottles.

All that is only a glimpse at some of what we do to make our hotel more environmentally friendly. As a result of green mindset and our deliberate actions, Radisson Fort George was this year awarded with a Certificate of Achievement for winning a Green World Award for our commitment to environmental best practice. The award was given in Seoul, South Korea this month. There to receive the award on behalf of the Radisson Fort George Hotel are managers, Ms. Patricia Lamb and Mr. Derick Bonell.

This is a fitting tribute to Ms. Lamb who has been the force behind Radisson’s green movement. She says, ‘I just love what I do!’ We are sure that seeing some recognition for all that hard work and persistence feels pretty good. Congratulations to our entire team!

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