A little lobster fest in your own kitchen

The lobster season just reopened in Belize and we celebrate that with lobster fests in Placencia, San Pedro, and, Caye Caulker. We have a few recipes for you to choose from if you would rather not deal with the crowds and the travel, but still want to enjoy this delicious Belizean delicacy from the comfort of your own home. The Radisson Belize blog is your go-to place to help you decide on a different twist for the lobster you’ve brought home.

Lobster in Pernod Sauce


Caribbean style Lobster Saute:

Caribbean Lobster Sauté-0329

Fisherman’s Soup:


Naked Lobster in Tequila:


Spicy Teriyaki Lobster with Coconut Rice: 


So, for whatever reason you want to cook up some lobster this season, remember that we are only a click away with good Caribbean recipes for you. Our stockpile of recipes from the Creative Caribbean Cooking show also includes chicken, turkey, conch, fish, pork chops, and beef recipes, among others.



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