Our neighborhood

Radisson Fort George sits in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Belize City. We’ve been able to grab some gorgeous pictures of our city because we are one of the taller buildings in the city. This is a historic Belize City neighborhood and is home to the Baron Bliss Lighthouse. We have put together a few pictures to give you an idea of, or to jog your memory about this part of the city.

 View from the 7th Floor


Baron Bliss early morning-0835
Sunrise over Baron Bliss Lighthouse


Radisson 5th floor view of the sea-0854
View of some of the Colonial homes in our vicinity


Radisson sunrise club tower reflection-0831
Sunrise reflected in our Club Tower Facade


Baron Bliss Lighthouse


Radisson Fort George Marina


Gorgeous fifth floor view of the harbor.
Gorgeous fifth floor view of the harbor.


Our driveway!
Our driveway!


Our Marina


Cork Street

These pictures barely tap into the beauty of our location. The sound and smell of the sea, the seawall that can be a hub of activity, our beautiful sunrises and their reflection in our club tower facade, the sight of cruise ships in the distance, and the vehicle and pedestrian traffic that go by us can hardly be captured in pictures.


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