Stuffed Turkey Roll

Stuffed Turkey Roll 2 Turkey Breasts 1 Cup Corn 1 Cup Peas 1 Cup Cranberry Sauce 1 Tblsp.Turkey Seasoning 1 Tblsp minced Garlic 1 Tblsp. Complete Seasoning Pinch of Thyme Pinch of Black Pepper 1 Cup Bread Crumbs Instructions Preheat the oven to 375 and place wire rack over a foil lined baking sheet. Butterfly … More Stuffed Turkey Roll


Tapau served with White Rice , Fried Fish and Conch INGREDIENTS 1 Grated Coconut 2 Lbs Fish 1lb Coconut 1lb White Rice (Cooked) 1 tsp. Salt ½ tsp. Black Pepper 1 Tblsp. Malher ½ tsp. Malher 3 Basil leaves Method Clean both conch and fish, and season with salt and black pepper. Let it marinate. … More Tapau