Airboat & City Tour

RadExpeditions does, and arranges, for tours all over Belize. By land, sea, and rivers, or partially each one of these, you can get a view of Belize that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Airboat & City tour runs for two and half hours and has you back at the hotel before lunchtime. You are provided with a funny and very informative guide who gives you bits of information about the city that you won’t find in any guide book.

The ride to Almond Hill takes about thirty five minutes. Once there, you get a brief orientation about the airboat ride you’re about to embark on. The boat captain and the guide are very excited to share with you this lagoon that they spend so much time on. They will entice out the crocodiles and turtles for your viewing. If you are lucky, you will even see manatees.

Crocodile up close

The water lilies go on for miles and miles.

Water Lilies-

Turtles come right up to the boat.

Almond Hill Turtle-

Fish abound in these waters. However, they are only for catch and release purposes.


This is an awesome, safe wildlife tour that you can squeeze in between breakfast and lunch. You will feel enriched by your encounter with nature, and glad to be able to spend your afternoon by the pool.

Call extension 103, or visit the Business Center for information on pricing and arranging the tour. And yes, children are welcome to come along on this soft adventure tour.

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