Radisson’s Water Policy

Did you know that the Radisson has a Green Team that focuses on working towards their goal of environmental? They are vigilant of the impact the hotel has on the environment.
Here is a look at one aspect of that effort:


Nothing can be done without water and although we may think at times there is too much, in reality, this commodity can become in very short supply and needs to be managed. To reduce our water consumption we currently:

* Repair leaking pipes and water fixtures immediately.

* Ensure faucets are turned off when not needed.

* Installed strainers and straps to prevent food from entering waste water pipes

* Use environmental friendly cleaners and dilute these wherever possible

* Use dishwashers and washing machines with full loads only.

* Provide guest with the option to reuse towels and linens by placing signs in each guest room informing them of that option.

* Track water usage with an aim to reduce consumption, zone the hotel and utilize different water meters for easy tracking & control.

* Have constructed a pipeline from ice machine to use waste to water plants in garden area.

Radisson Sea View
Radisson Sea View


* Install water saving, low-flow fittings in kitchen, public restrooms and guest bathrooms.

* Follow manufacturer recommended washing/rinsing cycles for laundry and dishwasher to ensure equipment is being operated efficiently as it relates to water and energy. Ensure preventative maintenance is being carried out.

* Use bucket to wash vehicles instead of water hoses.

* Make use of alternative water sources such as rainwater.

* Continue to repair leaking pipes/fixtures immediately.

Radisson Water Fountain
Radisson Water Fountain

Wherever you see one one of these around the hotel, fill up your water bottle with purified water! It’s part of our water policy, and has remarkably cut down on the number of plastic bottles we use in the hotel. These fountains are a reminder to all of us that we are doing what we can to lessen, while at the same time, maximize, our water usage.


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