Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Champions League Final is taking over the Baymen’s Tavern for a few hours this Saturday. Along with our Heinekin beer specials, there’ll also be great prices on our snacks: chicken wings, sausage on a stick w/ or without tortillas, pizza slices, chips & dip, and Scotch egg. It will be the place to watch the game!  

Lunch Buffet today:

Salad bar, White rice, Steamed vegetables, Split peas, Stewed chicken, Beef in a Creole sauce, Fried fish, Fried plantain, Onion sauce, Fruits & Desserts

Dinner Options tonight:

Appetizer: Beef soup

Belizean Special:  Shrimp curry served with potato salad, fried plantain with a choice of rice and beans or white rice.

Chef’s Special: Beef lasagna served with garlic bread.

Wine Club Social tomorrow night. Premium Wines & Spirits and the Rafisson Fort George invite you to join us from 7-9:30pm. Come learn more about different wines. 


Come by for a refreshing drink!  



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