Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jazzfest is coming to Belize and Radisson Fort George Hotel will give you front row seats to some of the best jazz of the international festival.

Details are forthcoming but they include dinner and jazz, wine and jazz, and a jazz concert. Stay tuned for more information.  

Lunch Special Today:
Bbq chicken, Radisson flour tortillas, beans, Coleslaw, and corn on the cob.
Photo by @dfphotos_bze

Dinner Specials Tonight

Appetizer: Sautéed shrimps in garlic butter and parsley served with garlic bread. $10.00Bz

Belizean special: Stewed beef, served with stewed beans,white rice,coleslaw, and fried plantain. $25.00Bz

Chef’s special: Stuffed chicken breast, served with parsley potatoes and vegetables. $36.00Bz.

The Stonegrill Restaurant offers a healthy choice. No oils added to your food. Outdoor dining by the poolside makes for pleasant ambience. We have a varied menu. Come check it out.  

Recycling Program: Do you need empty, used wine bottles? Used cooking oil? Empty imported alcohol bottles? Cardboard boxes? Then you are welcome to take advantage of our recycling program. Call us for more information on what we have and when you may pick them up. 

Here are a couple reasons to visit us today:

Radisson Chips & Dip
Radisson Conch Ceviche

Have a great day! 


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