Thursday, May 21, 2015

April 2015 staff member of the month :

KENAN DELEON– Was born in San Ignacio Cayo, moved to Belize District at the age of 3 and has lived in Belize City for the past 25 yearsHe is the 4 child of his family, 3rd and last son, and the youngest of his brothers.  He has lived in the city for the past year. Kenan graduated from Hattiville Government School in 1999, he then went to ACC for one year and decided to stop and join the work force.

In 2004, he decided to return to school and enrolled at Living Hope Institute, at which he was able to attend for 2 years prior to its closedown. Kenan’s career initially started at Old Belize a washup personnelhe did that post for 6 months.  His ambition and potential to grow was soon noted by his manager and he was promoted to hotline cook where he learned to cook and maneuver around the kitchen.  Within a period of three months, Kenan was once again promoted, this time to Kitchen Supervisor.   After his promotion, he stayed there for an additional year.  

Being the ambitious individual he is, he decided to move on to Tropicana Lounge as bartender/chef, where he worked for almost three years. At this point Kenan decided to take a turn in his career and applied to KBH Security where he spent a short period of timeDuring this time Kenan was called to the Radisson to conduct a search and realized he would like to be a part of the Radisson team.  Kenan recalled applying to the Radisson in the past but was never called in for an interview, nevertheless, he decided he would apply again for a bartender position that was open.   He also applied for a cook and security position as he thought any position he could fill would be a privilege to work with the Radisson.  

Upon submitting his application, he was called in for an interview twice by Mr. Trapp and once by Mr. Scott and Javier. Then Kenan was called in to say he was accepted and said it was one of the greatest feelings he has had in his lifetime.  Kenan looks forward to waking up every day and coming to work and giving his best.  He enjoys working frontline and engaging with customers and doing bartending which has become his passion over the years.  

Today we have no hesitation in congratulating Kenan as staff of the month for April 2015.  Congratulations to Kenan Deleon!

Lunch Special today:

Turkey & Ham Buffet
Turkey & Ham Buffet
Radisson Belize Vacancies   

Dinner Specials tonight:

Appetizer: Fisherman seafood chowder

Belizean Special: Stewed pork served with rice and beans, coleslaw, fried plantain, and onion sauce

Chef’s Special: Breaded chicken breast fillet served with a green salad, and hash brown potatoes topped with a sweet pepper sauce


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