Monday, May 18, 2015

It’s the start of a new week, and that means another week of things going on at the Radisson Fort George. We’ve added Snapchat to our list of ways you can interact with us and find out what is happing at the Radisson on any given day. Feel free to add us!

Sometimes we get so busy showing you all that we have to offer that we forget to tell you about the great asset our rooms and our views are. Today we are not leaving that out


This past Saturday we hosted the St. Catherine’s Academy Prom, and shared the pictures of the setting with you. Our setup staff at the Radisson love what they do, and it shows. IMG_7472 IMG_7045

Contact us about your special event. We will be happy to discuss themes with you and provide a quotation.

We are also very proud of our scrumptious meals that you can have in the air-conditioned comfort of the St. George’s Restaurant, the relaxed atmosphere of the Baymen’s Tavern, or our outdoor location, the Stonegrill Restaurant. Your pick; and all in view of the lovely Caribbean Sea.

Photo153 Photo161

Come see what all the fuss about the Radisson is all about!


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