Monday, May 11, 2015

Hope you had a great weekend! This will be a big week at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. Today our staff are doing the Motivational Missionaries Tour 2015 with Bert Oliva. Looking forward to great stories from them.

Coming this week as well, 54th Annual Master Brewers Association of America Caribbean Convention:

Lunch Special:

Baked chicken served with rice & black eyed beans, garden salad, and fried plantain!

Dinner Specials
Appetizer: Sautéed calamari and vegetables. Served with garlic bread

Belizean Special: Stewed cow foot served with coleslaw and fried plantain

Chef’s Special: Grilled fish in a creamy lemon butter, served with stir fried vegetables and parsley potatoes

Come dine in air conditioned comfort and check out our awesome view!wpid-fb_img_1430241365932.jpg

Our cute pic to start off the week. Little Dellenie Fairweather this past weekend at the Baymen’s Tavern at the Radisson Fort George.  



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