We’ve got a winner!

We take a moment to thank the participants of our first Cooking With Radisson & You; Ms. Yssenia Guerra & Mr. Eider Romero. After 2 weeks of voting, we are very happy to announce that Mr. Eider Romero was the winner of the competition, congratulations Eider. We also want to thank Yssenia for her entry and hope to have another opportunity for her to partner with the Radisson in the near future.


Guest Chef on Creative Caribbean Cooking!
Guest Chef on Creative Caribbean Cooking!


Here are their respective entries


Ms. Yssenia Guerra
Ms. Yssenia Guerra


I Yssenia Guerra 28yrs of Orange Walk Town proudly take this challenge on in this competition to appear on the Radisson Cooking Show- Creative Cooking.

At this point in my life, I would like to challenge myself to achieve a greater opportunity. I was a single mother for many years because of a broken relationship.  With all the responsibility of caring and providing for my children on my shoulders.   On the advice of my parents who I love both so much, I stood firm as the mother of my two kids and created my own income; I created a job of my own.
One Monday morning I woke up to make sandwiches and went out to sell. Sold all!! So next day I made burgers and so went adding until I was selling sandwiches, burgers, waffles, and fry jacks accompanied with natural juices.  I also found myself selling hot coffee late nights until 10pm and as early as 4:30am at the B.S.I.   The cane farmers who waited long hours to deliver to the factory, sometimes without food and something warm to drink, quickly became loyal customers.
I risked myself selling amongst so many men, but with God by my side, I always returned home safe.  It has been five long years since I started selling breakfast to go and natural juices from store to store even offices and banks.   I give thanks to all those who supported me through my long journey.  As years went by the cost of living and educating my kids has not been easy and daily expenses are greater each day.   My kids are growing every minute every second;  I Love them so much.

Now I give thanks to the Radisson that gave me the opportunity to enter this competition.
” I Yssenia Guerra ask the public to please ” like ” me.”  Help my family & I to make a difference. My dream is to someday become a proud Belizean chef”


Mr. Eider Romero
Mr. Eider Romero


My name is Eider Romero.  I am 16 years old and attend Orange Walk Technical High School.  I love cooking and most of the time I cook when I have spare time. I love trying new stuff especially new food.  I would like to have the opportunity to cook as a chef at the Radisson Hotel, as it would enhance my future career goals. Cooking is a skill that everyone has, but not everyone can use that skill to the best of their ability and turn an ordinary dish to an extraordinary dish.  When I ask my self can I cook, I always recall the Radisson’s slogan ” Yes I can.”

Thank you


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