The People Behind Creative Caribbean Cooking Part 2

Creative Caribbean Cooking

Ainsley Castro is recognized by as the animated half that compliments Chef Delvo on Creative Caribbean Cooking.  His style is a unique fusion of traditional Belizean and Garifuna dishes and of course, Ainsley being a natural entertainer was a shoe in when selecting a co-chef for Chef Delvo’s calm collected personality. With a natural love for cooking,  Ainsley was inspired by his mother who was a single parent.  From the age of 14, he started to hone his skills by cooking for his younger siblings on the family’s outdoor fire hearth.  He fell in love with the craft and knew this would be his life’s profession.  Ainsley routinely incorporates some of his favorite Garifuna dishes on the cooking show, proudly embracing his roots.

ainsley flag


Ainsley has been a part of the Radisson Fort George family since June 1994 where he was a steward for 1 year. His zeal made him move quickly up the ladder to chef’s assistant after which he was once again quickly promoted to cold Line cook. He held this position for a year and a half before moving on to hot Line cook.

ainsl n kendra


Since joining the Radisson Fort George family, Ainsley has acquired:

  • A Certificate in Culinary Arts Skills and Performance Enrichment from Johnson & Wales University
  • Employee of the Year 1995, Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina

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