Kaj Expressions

“Born with a passion for art that seemed to have been inherited, Khadija Assales spent a large part of her childhood years collecting coloring books and arts and craft supplies.

kaj real p

Traveling to Sorrento, Maine every year from the age of 10 though, was when she really got the opportunity to experiment with jewelry making in the workshop of a close friend. It was at this age that Khadija made her first pair of earrings (Sea Glass), fell in love with the art and dreamt of one day owning her own jewelry business.

kaj edited

Excelling in painting and ceramics in Junior College, Khadija developed an even stronger desire to pursue her interest in the arts. She travelled to Argentina(her father’s home country), where she spent 3 months touring the country, learning Spanish and exploring the architectural world. Returning home eager to be creative, she started working at her father’s Bamboo Furniture business where her job was to craft intricate “sun tables”. After perfecting this skill, Khadija was ready to move on and rekindle a passion from the past .

fire ice enhanced


From her “Fire & Ice” collection:  Red Coral and turquoise fusion blooming flower necklace (work in progress) paired with signature hoops. (work in progress) paired with our signature hoops.
Model: Indira Rubie Andrewin
Photograph: Danny Hun Photography

She spent countless hours setting up a jewelry workshop in her home and many nights fell asleep making and designing jewelry that she would try to get on the market by selling through local gift shops in Placencia. Once the jewelry started moving in those shops, Khadija was in a better position to start materializing her dream. It was a cool November morning when opportunity came knocking at her door. Overjoyed by the news that she had been approved for space on Main Street, Placencia, she immediately started the construction on a 16′ by 10′ building that would soon become one of her most prized possessions.

kaj edited head

Behind the scenes snapshot of the Infinity swirl ear adornments paired with a new head piece. Available in Gold (pictured), ocean blue, wine, forest green. 
kaj edited aztec
“Sunshine Alaine” paired with gold globe adornment on the runway…
kaj edited pau
“Alaine” describes as a fusion of different kinds of turquoise, mother of pearl and paua shell
kaj edited flower
Here is a close up look at her hand assembled flowers; a piece that she is working on endlessly as her goal was to have it ready for Carifesta 2013, yes she was one of the people who represented Belize 🙂
kaj edited shell
Her shop was very small, and each piece of jewelry or craft would be carefully designed and treasured by visitors from all over the world, so choosing a name came easy: Treasure Box! Opened on December 5, 2011, Treasure Box has now become a big part of Khadija’s success story and has proven to be a true “Expression” of her…
kaj edited pearl 1 kaj edited pearl 2

Artist Fun/Facts

Q: Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

A: Most of my artistic inspirations are musicians. I like jazz musicians such Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald and I really fancy modern pianists/vocalists such as Alicia Keys (My favorite singer)

Q: Do you always know what you’re going to create when you begin, or do you sometimes just wing it?

A: Most of the times I have an idea of what I will create, but I make so many changes along the way that the end result was hardly ever planned. I prefer to be spontaneous.

Q: Do you have a most personal piece that you created?

A: Yes, the pieces in my “blooming flowers collection” are very personal to me. I love nature and flowers and it takes me a great deal of time to put my flowers together. So much so that I would often start them and go back and forth working on them making sure that they are made perfectly.

Q: If a kitchen appliance replaced one of your arms, which arm would be replaced by what appliance?

A: I would probably replace my right hand with thongs. I’m right handed and only use my left hand for support. If I replaced my right hand with an appliance, I would be forced to train my left hand to become my main tool. That would be a challenge!

Q: What’s your favorite fashion trend or item of clothing?

A: I really like knee high socks and mini dresses and scarves.

Q: Who would you most want to buy your work?

A: I would want my work to reach those who have a true sense of appreciation for what I do and who  love my work not only because of that initial attraction, but also because they know the story behind each piece that I create.

Q: If you could control the thermostat in your life, what temperature would your world be?

A: The temperature of my world would be one that allows for flowering plants to bloom all year round!

Q: If you could dance with one celebrity, who would you dance with?

A: I would have to say Park Jae-sang. I really like his style, not to mention his facial expressions while dancing!

Q: Who is your biggest personal influence in your life?

A: My mother. She is always there to support me 110% and is the most selfless person I know.

Q: What was the last song you listened to this morning?

A: No Stopping Us by Jason Mraz

Q: What is the one thing that you wished everyone knew about you?

A:  I wish everyone knew how friendly I am and welcoming of all their ideas and opinions. Also I wish everyone would know how willing I am to share and teach what I know because through sharing of knowledge and skills, we empower the world.

Find out what Khadija is up to now! visit her official fan page: http://www.facebook.com/kajexpressions.


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