The emergence of The Artist…

  Jeannie nov-15-12-painting

Born into a family that always promoted and appreciated art, Jeannie Shaw had a natural inclination for the arts in all forms: poetry, drawing, dancing, singing, designing.

Art has always been at the forefront of her life and after graduating from St. John’s College she did a brief stint at Kryol Gyal Produkshans then moved to the USA to pursue a degree in Visual Communications at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she graduated in 1993.


With this formal training under her belt, Jeannie’s creative side blossomed as she became involved in the production of ads, writing jingles and songs, reciting of poetry, graphic arts, photography and painting.  Forward to 1997, Jeannie held her first art show, then to 2000 when she held her next show; but this one was very special, you see this show was in honor of her mom who had passed away the year before.  Her mom and her namesake, was an instrumental influence in her life and with that fire to ignite her passion, her show was a smashing success.

jeannie final

Later that year, she was honored when she was asked to paint a portrait of her mom for the dedication of the Belize Tourism Board’s headquarters to Jean Shaw nee Weir (one of the pioneers of Belize’s tourism industry).


In 2006, the Institute of Creative Arts invited Jeannie to participate in the Women in Art showcase in honor of Women’s Month; she used this opportunity to use the written word as her artistic instrument with the recital of the poem, “I Have a Way With Words, She Said.”

The 2010 Women in Art showcase,  Jeannie went in a different direction and this time, she used canvas as her platform to display her unique works, bringing her love for art (and everything it means to her) back to life.  Below ‘The Waiting’


She is now in full pursuit of her passion for allowing creativity to completely envelop her being.


And this piece below has got my full attention 😉

zen final

Artist fun/fact:

Q: Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

A: Gosh, can’t think of anyone really… mostly people especially female and

      nature would inspire me most, of course photography as well.

Q: Do you always know what you’re going to create when you begin,

      or do you sometimes just wing it?

A: Well in the past I’ve mostly painted from photos, I’m just now exploring just

      setting the brush to canvas and see what happens it’s a new avenue for me…

Q: Do you have a most personal piece that you created?

A:  Yes, my mom named it… its called The Waiting… I held on to it for years

      but someone was so inspirational and supportive in  immeasurable ways to

      me in recent years and I felt everything I was “waiting” for had come to pass

      so I gave it to her, Melissa Balderamos-Mahler.

Q: If a kitchen appliance replaced one of your arms, which arm

      would  be replaced by what appliance?

A: What? I don’t even like the kitchen, my son doesn’t like anything I cook,

     hardly ever.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion trend or item of clothing?

A: Shorts and loose button up shirts with sandals. It feels free… sexy… comfy.

Q: Who would you most want to buy your work?

A: Jim Scott, the show off 🙂   (Editor’s note:  I think we know this guy Scott)

Q: If you could control the thermostat in your life, what temperature

      would your world be?

A: 76 degrees, I think…ish.

Q: If you could dance with one celebrity, who would you dance


A: This guy Shemar Moore kinda cute… seems fun. I guess I’d try him.  😉

Q: Who is your biggest personal influence in your life?

A:  My mom, gone 13 years now and still rocks me to my core in a most

     beautiful way.

Q: If you could create a piece for one person, who would it be?

A: Ha! several people at this point…friends and some family have been such a

     pillar of strength for me in recent months. I would not know where to begin

     to create a piece for all of them, especially my Tia Jen

Q: What was the last song you listened to this morning?

A: Hmmm… checked my ipod and last song was Gotye ‘somebody I used to

    know’ but the one before that is the one I remember hearing…’too blessed to

    be stressed’ by Charlie Black love that song, true story.

Q: What is the one thing that you wished everyone knew about you?

A:  Easy river runs deep…

Find out more about her at:

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