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ImageThe first time I caught a glimpse of her work I was ‘whoa’ a good way.  Really, seeing her work was my inspiration to add an ‘Artist Corner’ to the Radisson Fort George Social Media arsenal.  So here we are, the first installation of our newest addition to what will be a weekly post here on our wordpress profile; admittedly it is also a resurrection of the blog 😉

Davina Michelle: Artist

Born Davina Michelle Bedran, this young inspired Belizean artist and fashion designer is certainly ‘one to watch’.  A self proclaimed, jack-of-all-trades, she transforms plain fabric to artistic expressions of herself, that are sure to catch your eye…insert evidentiary support below:


The 20 year old resident of Mile 63 on the Western highway, is described as having a passion for art from a very young age which she first expressed through arts & crafts, before moving to other mediums and was even awarded for attaining the highest scores nationally in her CXC exams in 2010.

Fast forward to mid 2011 when, after she was encouraged and advised by her former high school teacher at Sacred Heart, to join fellow designer Joris Henrik, she participated in a showcase for Belize Design Week Expo.  The good folks at the News Exchange Magazine were there and they were paying attention they featured one of the pieces that she entered at the Expo, in their magazine shortly after.


In 2012 a group of young painters known as La Poderosa, invited her to participate in a road show of hand painted murals.  They scattered their murals around the San Ignacio and Benque Veijo area spreading positive and colorful messages; street art style.  But that was not the highlight of 2012 for her, not by a long shot.  In March Prince Harry visited Belize on his goodwill tour of the Commonwealth, and a spectacular fashion show was put off at the Xunantunich Maya Site in his honor and, one of Davina Michelle’s pieces were included in  that show.  One would think that having your creation modeled for royalty would be the highlight to your year..not quite, because of her submission to that particular show, Davina Michelle’s Spring 2012 clothing line, was picked up by D Style Studio Boutique in Belmopan! SCORE!!!

Image2013 has begun just as promising for this artist, with her showcase at the Belize Street & Art Festival in February where she had to opportunity to show how well rounded of a designer she is by having available everything from her clothing, bag and jewelery lines exhibited; of course her fashion rocked their runway!  The 8 page spread in the March issue in News Exchange Magazine is indeed a testament to the fact that this ‘girl is on fire’ .  The amazing photography of Ms. Monica Gallardo is appreciated by Davina Michelle as well as she seems to be Davina’s preferred photographer 😉

…artist fun/fact

Q; Who are some of your artistic inspirations

A: Coco Chanel & Alice & Olivia

Q: Do you always know what you’re going to create when you start or do you just ‘wing it’?

A: I don’t think I ever completely know what I’m doing, but I think that’s what make it fun

Q: Do you have a most personal piece that you’ve created?

A: Emmm, I don’t I have a most personal piece but any one that I’ve dyed, I’m a little more attached to.

Q: If your arm was replaced by a kitchen appliance, what would it be 🙂

A: Probably a mixer because I use that the most, I love baking.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion trend or article of clothing.

A: Definitely high waisted pants and a fun mismatched hair accessory

Q: Who would you want to buy your clothing the most

A: Someone who wants to be a little bit different and knows to not take life so seriously.

Q: If you could control the thermostat in your life, what temperature would it be?

A: Cool & windy

Q: If you could dance with one celebrity, who would it be?

A: Does Elmer Fud count? He probably wouldn’t want to dance so that would be perfect.

Q: Who is the biggest personal influence in your life?

A: hmmm, not sure about this one and it’s not true…

Q: If you could create a piece for someone, who would it be and why?

A: I don’t have one person in mind but my aim is to create pieces for everyone.  Something that makes people feel good about themselves and makes them want to wear it.

Q: What was the last song that you listened to this morning?

A: Soca

Q: What is the one thing about you that you wished everyone knew?

A: I wished everyone knew that I don’t just want to be labeled as simply a designer but more so an artist because in art, I aim to be a jack-of-all-trades


ImageYou can find out more about Davina Michelle here


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